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Whether you need to clean up your car from all the dirt and spots inside or need a full auto detailing service for your vehicle, our team in Wasilla, AK is the one to call. We serve drivers and car owners with professional detailing services and invite you to browse our website to find out more about Valley Detailing.

Our Services 

Auto Detailing 
Our auto detailing company is one that understands the importance and benefits that keeping the interior and exterior of any vehicle in pristine condition comes with. We have the skills along with 20-plus years of experience in restoring the dirt-free interior and spotless exterior with a clean and pleasant interior for drivers to enjoy while on the road. We have all the equipment ready to be used to service your vehicle. Contact us to make an appointment. 
Auto Waxing 
Waxing the body of your car comes with a significant amount of benefits that you will notice right away. Not not only does car waxing adds scratch-resistant armor to your vehicle's body but it also protects the paint from exposure. In addition, it improves the resale value of your automobile, making it the ideal purchase for a potential buyer. With us, it doesn't take much to make your car look shiny. We promise excellent results.  
Car Cleaning 
Maintaining your vehicle clean, fresh, and comfortable is a must. It not only adds a sense of pleasure to you and passengers inside, but it also improves your focus on the road. Plus, you will have peace of mind that no health-related issues will come to pass neither you nor anyone else driving in your vehicle. To make sure your vehicle is squeaky clean on the outside and properly sanitized on the inside, feel free to call us. 

Pros to Consider To Our Auto Detailing Company in Wasilla, AK

Demonstrating professionalism with the highest level of customer service has helped Valley Detailing grow tremendously. The quality car detailing service our team brings to the table comes with honest labor estimates, discounts for students, military personnel, and senior citizens, as well as cost-friendly rates. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Experts for Auto Waxing Service in Wasilla, AK

It doesn’t matter whether you request our auto waxing service or hire us to clean the interior of your vehicle. We take each job seriously. Our team will carry out each detailing task step-by-step and with absolute precision to detail. This, along with the top-shelf products and equipment that we use will help us avoid omissions, from the time we start to the moment we put the finishing touches. We have got you covered.

Serving Car Interior Cleaning in Wasilla, AK and Many Other Areas

As a result of our 20-plus years in serving numerous drivers and vehicle owners, our detailing service has spread across multiple areas. We now have detailers who will gladly service your automobile in the areas of:

  • Palmer, AK
  • Houston, AK
  • Meadow Lakes, AK
  • Fishhook, AK
  • Willow, AK

Contact our company in Wasilla, AK if you are interested in professional car interior cleaning, proper auto waxing, or any of the other detailing services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today! 

Client’s Testimonial

by Sharron D. on Valley Detailing
Professional All the Way

Thank you for waxing the body and cleaning the interior of my car. The seats are spotless, the paint is shiny, there is no dirt on the carpets and no more bad odors. I highly recommend your auto detailing service.

Valley Detailing
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Phone: (907) 268-6612

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